My father led the farm as a tenant farmer until 1967, when he bought it. The farm had an area of about 2 hectares. Over the years its extension was reduced to about 1,3 hectares. I took over my parents as owner in 2012 and, at the same time, I rented 4 hectares of land.

In my field I cultivate ‘quality’ with a responsible use of chemicals and pesticides, preferring those with very low environmental impact. Often I repeat that in my land live earthworms and bees, for the less informed both species are indicators of genuineness.

I also started a vegetable production dedicated to the catering service with unusual products and/or characteristic such as Jerusalem Artichokes, Sicilian Purple Cabbage, Romanesco cabbage, Pink Cabbage and Golden Cabbage, Violet Carrots, Caigua, Purple/Blue and Red Potatoes etc.

I kept the heritage of the family seeds: Mais Marano (Sgaria selection), Antique Yellow Bean; Marche Cece (Sultan type), peas(Original seed of the 1950) etc. I also inherited from my father, the passion for fruit: he was a collector of fruit trees, and in my orchard I have today about 80 varieties.