Casa Sgaria appears for the first time in the Royal Land Registry wrote after the unification of Italy.

The exact date is uncertain, but is believed to be built by the end of 1800. It suffered the devastating earthquake that hit our area in 1913 (you can still see shod reinforcements in the apical part of the structure, the ones that we call “keys of the earthquake”). In the ’20s it was elongated with the construction of a second part.

This part, restored in 1991, is the B & B. The rooms are divided into “Floor Gina” (ground floor) and “Floor Aldo” (first floor). In Gina’s floor there are: two bedrooms (one double and one with 2 single beds) a bathroom and a kitchen. In Aldo’s floor there are: a main room with double bed and living room with ceiling fan, a bathroom and a kitchenette.

Just 200 m from Casa Sgaria there are: supermarket, pharmacy, newsstand, bakery, pizzeria, petrol station, laundry, hairdresser and the Catholic Church.