ABOUT US (the family of Sgaria)

Long time ago in the farm, nicknames were very frequent and often people was known only by these.The nickname “Sgaria” dates back to my great-grandfather, it comes from the local dialect and his meaning is “sawmill“.

In the local dialect it as also the same sound of “i would saw”, action very common in this area with a tipical ripsaw widely used for pruning and other agricultural operations. The son of my great-grandfather was known as “fiol de Sgaria” (son of Sgaria), that reported to my grandfather Fedele. In turn, his son, that is my father, Aldo, was also known as “fiol de Sgaria” too and this is also worth for me as long as the nicknames were in use in my area (till the 70’s).

Verbal references from the oldest memory of my family goes back to 1789 when it was known with the nickname of “Al Tmagin” probably refers to the place of residence (in the countryside of our province), then from 1844 to the early 1900s, the family moved to Magliano di Fano (small hamlet on the hills bordering the ancient Via Flaminia). From 1900 to 1955 the residence of my family was in Lucrezia of Cartoceto (Via Cerreto).

In the 1955 they moved in the house where we live today: Casa Sgaria.